Tuesday, 17 January 2012

These 12 items are going to be my main make-up items i am trying to use for 2\3 months, the reason I am trying to use as little makeup is so i can grow my makeup collection and instead of spending $20 on 1 item i want to save at least $200 and go and buy the products I've wanted for ages such as a mac lipstick in 'angel' and 'hue'. I also want to look at higher brands such as Benefit, Mac, Urban Decay and Nars just so i can experiment and find of what i like and what i do not like. 1 of my new years resolutions is to get at least 20+ mac items and some of you's might think that isn't much but considering mac products are a minimum of $40+ and i font have a job it is very difficult for me to save money. so if you scroll down i will show you in detail what these 12 items are :)

The first products are moisturizes, so as you can see the Dove 'Beauty Body Lotion' isn't in the top picture well its because I applied the Loreal 'Hydro-comfort cleansing lotion' on last night and it left me feeling greasy and it felt like their was like a wax sort of feel all over my body and it felt very uncomfortable, so i have decided to use my original 'dove body lotion' although it doesn't give me a 24hr protection it doesn't leave my feeling greasy and uncomfortable.

 These next two products are 2 brushes a powder brush from 'Gloss professional'  and a 'Cosmetica' stippling brush and its not that i will use these for 2 months and chuck them out but i just thought to add them in considering they are fairly recent and are my two common face brushes.

These 3 daily face products include a 'Garnier skin profector' (also known as BB cream or a tinted moisturizer') also an 'Australis, high definition concealer' and the bottom product is a 'BYS blush and bronzer (in #1 light glow)'.

These 2 products are pretty self explanatory, The Revlon lipstick is in 'Soft nude number 70' and the Nivea 'Pearl & Shine' is a moisturizer and hives your lips a glossy shine.

These last 3 products are eye products the first 2 are mascaras, the one on the left is from Woolworths and the brand is called 'Classics' i didn't really intend on using it only trying it and i was so surprised it was around $8 and although it doesn't give volume it lengthens my lashes really well even better then the one on the left which is the 'Loreal telescopic clean definition'. Then the Loreal one is for volume and separating and the last product is my 'Mac Bare-study paint pot' which i use every time i put on makeup.  

Thank you for reading and if you would like review on anything or want to know prices just ask! 
Also if you could request thing such as D.I.Y, make-up tutorial. s please just ask. 
~Vicky, xoxo 


  1. That sounds like an awesome idea to save up then go out and buy everything you have been wanting :) MAC is very expensive in Australia so it's hard to save up enough but I'm sure you will get there :)
    Jordy xx

  2. I will get their but school vending machines dont help hahah i spend like $10 a week on them.
    Thank you for your support :) x